I Can See You

Well, I can see what you were searching for when you decided to visit this page. Server logs often include “referrer” URLs. These basically show from whence a vistor came. Since all search engines use an input method which includes your search query inside the URL, it also shows up in my logs.

The other day, someone searched for “Glenn Gutierrez – Lost in Love.” The interesting thing here is that I did record a song with that title, but as far as I know it was only used as background music for a couple of Entertainment Tonight episodes. How anyone would know the title, or why they would come searching for it years later, is beyond me. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

I also see tons of visitors searching for reviews of the Dell 2405FPW display and the Mackie Onyx 400F audio interface, since I have mentioned both in previous entries. If you are one of these people, welcome! (I’m picturing a marquee in a Travelodge parking lot.) Check the archive for the Dell review, or click here. As of this writing, 13 months after Mackie announced it, and 6 months after being led up the pre-order path by Sweetwater, the 400F has still not shipped. I bought a MOTU Traveler in the mean time, and it’s solid, but I do plan to check out the Mackie when it finally emerges from the vapor. For the most up-to-date information, please feel free to visit the Mackie forum and ask them where the 400F is.

There is also an occasional dark side. Today I saw something dumb. Really dumb. Some loser from the east coast went searching for the phrase “jocelyn enriquez is trying to look latina.” Now seriously, what’s the point of that? The time spent looking up stuff like that could be spent on someone’s own life goals. You’d think.

If you were searching for porn and found this page.. nice! But, sorry.