Glenn Gutierrez
Producer, designer, writer, engineer at Planet Hype
San Francisco Bay Area | Media Production

I do the creative process from A to Z, hands-on.

I am a media producer, studio engineer and web app developer with a background in the deadline-oriented entertainment business. I have direct experience in online marketing, community management, e-commerce and making all 3 work together since the world wide web went mainstream in the 90’s. This has included deliverables prep for Apple iTunes Producer, Amazon.com, Google Play, INgrooves and other digital platforms. I'm well-versed in AP Stylebook guidelines, an expert at integrating blogs, forums, RSS and social networking, and comfortable with all forms of text, image, audio and video editing. I'm proficient in Mac OS X, HTML5, CSS, XML, LAMP (Linux, Apache, mySQL, Perl), music production, audio and graphic design for both online and physical product.

Specialties: Logic Pro, Pro Tools, Final Cut Pro, Photoshop, Illustrator, QuarkXPress, BBEdit, Word, Excel, WordPress, Perl, RSS, social networking, Twitter, Facebook, HootSuite, dvlr.it, YouTube CMS, phpBB, vBulletin, forum management, audio editing, audio production, audio engineering, audio mastering (including Mastered for iTunes), video editing, photography, photo editing, RGB/CMYK, pre-press, AP Stylebook, asset management, data storage/archiving, networking, hardware installation and testing.

Partner (1999 - Present)
Planet Hype

• Reviewed and executed business requirements and contracts for partnership and all projects.
• Reviewed and executed network and cloud communication for remote production.
• Engineered and produced quality recordings to vinyl, tape, CD, iTunes and radio specifications.
• Directed and edited quality HD video to iTunes, broadcast and club specifications.
• Conceptualized and designed artwork to physical print specifications.
• Reviewed and designed web marketing strategy, from server admin to customer UI.
• Development, QA for Mneme, a custom content management system (CMS).
• Development, QA for Dispatch, a multi-site news and email/social network syndication system based on RSS/XML, with relevance-based keyword search engine.
• Development, QA for Theke, an online store and customer service tracking system.
• Development, QA for Progenie, a sales contact database and promotion tracking system.
• Development, QA for Jukebox, a media download management system and user database.
• Development, QA for Zeus, an iTunes royalty disbursement system with sales report parsing and financial report generation for licensing clients.

Lead Developer (2011 - Present)
Creative Destiny, LLC
Privately Held, 11-50, Entertainment

From music, to film, to interactive projects, Creative Destiny has been developing award-winning creative pieces since 2001.

Writer, Developer, Community Manager (2009 - Present)
MacOS Audio
Privately Held, 2-10, Media Production

News and blog production, RSS/Twitter syndication, special event Twitter alerts. Administration, moderation, design of a professional-level technical forum which has grown to well over 10,000 users and is now officially recognized as a professional resource by Apple, Metric Halo and more.

Founder (2009 - Present)
Smart Earthling
Privately Held, myself only, Online Publishing

Forward-thinking micro-blog promoting the fun, technological side of being environmentally smart.