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Plug-In Stand-Ins

One of the reasons I’m dropping Pro Tools is that every TDM plug-in carries a two-fold price premium for no good reason. I built this rig in the Mac OS 9 days, and I’m now dying to move to OS X, so the upgrade cost for each and every plug-in is also annoyingly expensive. Aside from being a drain on customers, this also seems to discourage independent programmers from coming up with interesting new plug-ins.

I’ve spent the last year seeking out replacements for my current tools. I figured I’d need all new bread & butter basics to replace the Waves 3 bundle and McDSP plug-ins I’m used to, but I’ve discovered some very cool new goodies on the way! Check them out, keeping mind that the Waves 5 TDM Platinum upgrade is $1600 MSRP, which still doesn’t include the full multi-band version of L3:

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