Surface on NBC

I’m struggling to find something to say. That’s because there weren’t very many glaring moments to annoy me in NBC’s premiere of Surface. Not as many as in Threshold, to be sure.

On a basic level, the story was presented much better. I didn’t feel that “disconnect” I felt while watching Threshold. The only bad acting and dialog were with oceanographer Laura Daughtery’s heavily clichéd assistant and skipper. Laura’s character herself is played by Lake Bell (Boston Legal) and is decently appealing. The only brain dead moment is when she realizes something is rising up out of a giant sea-bed posthole, and she just sits there in her submersible waiting for it to hit her.

So that’s what Surface is not. What is it? So far, a fairly simple tale of 3 separate personal encounters with a new sea creature. Is there science in my fiction? Yes! When one of the creatures is skewered by a fisherman’s harpoon, it drags him down into the depths. We then see a bright light appear, as if from a sliding doorway. When it closes, two smaller lights on either side blink once to give the sense of a large dwelling or vehicle. There be technology ‘ere, sir!

Alas mateys, Surface was not the best show, like evar. But it did aim midrange and scored a hit. The HD picture and DD 5.1 surround sound were also a bonus. I’ll definitely be watching next week.

Next up, ABC’s Invasion, right after the big premiere of Lost. Ya think anyone will be watching?

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