Depeche Mode Remix Notes

I recently completed a retro electro-dance remix of Peace, Depeche Mode’s next single. They were running an official remix contest with Beatport.

Their new album has a very light, though nicely electronic sound to it. Apparently, Martin Gore has discovered eBay and is buying up vintage gear, which they then use for inspiration (very cool). I wanted to bring back some of the chunkier sound from the 80’s for this mix.

Some people have asked about the sound sources. It was a pretty simple mix once all parts were replayed.

The breakdown..

  • Kick – Battery 3, random sample, LP filtered, compression and minor distortion from CamelPhat
  • Hi-hat – Battery 3, TR-808
  • Clap & dub sound – Battery 3, random samples, dub created with automated Tape Delay
  • CR78 hat – Battery 3, provided with the DM remix kit
  • Snare – Microtonic synth, Logic 8 Compressor, AD Vapor
  • Intro bass – GForce Minimonsta Minimoog, custom patch (they provided a sample, didn’t use it)
  • Primary bass – ES P, custom patch
  • Distorted bass during hook – Sylenth1, custom patch
  • Primary hook melody – Sylenth1, custom patch
  • Arpeggio in hook, left side – Sylenth1, custom patch
  • Sub-melody in hook, right side – EXS24, Kyodai Synth Collage (E-mu factory collection), fuzzed
  • High broken/crying lead – Absynth 4, Desolation Pad
  • Pre-hook lead – EXS24, Oboe, Proteus 2 Orch (E-mu factory collection)
  • Verse synth stabs – TAL U-No-62, custom patch
  • Verse synth globule – “Dark Chord” sample from remix kit
  • Verse 2 intro synth – Sculpture
  • Outro resonant lead – U-he Zebralette, custom patch based on “FEV SoftSoft”

The vocals have a little bit of AD Fluid, Space Designer reverb and Waves Ren Vox on them, but they were provided pre-mixed so this was just to “place” them in the mix.

I think that was about it! Did anyone else submit a remix?

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