Charity Vance "Say Something - Single"

Charity Vance “Say Something – Single”

Charity Vance "Say Something - Single"
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I just wrapped up the mastering, cover art and iTunes prep for this quick project by Charity Vance. Great song, originally by A Great Big World & Christina Aguilera, covered with pure grace by our favorite voice from Nashville.

Vocal and piano songs seem simple, but they are often a challenge to master when a real piano, or very good sampled piano, has a beefy low-midrange. This adds to the mids in the vocal and before you know it, boom, you’re crackling from a digital over. And when your mix is this simple, boy that really smacks you in the face.

Charity Vance "Say Something" mastering

Some strategic EQ and very careful limiting were in order. I don’t try to join the loudness wars in this genre, but a good level of around -13 dB RMS is still easy to attain, and stands up against other pro mixes. Original mix delivered at 44/16, post-processing printed at 44/24, since iTunes will support it.

The cover art was limited by Charity’s computer taking a swim under some coffee, and her photographer Rae Marshal busy shooting and editing the video itself. So the image was a still from the video, massaged to iTunes standards as best as possible, with the latest Charity Vance logo and color scheme. More of this scheme coming up very soon!

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