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How to Add a Music Tab to Your Facebook Fan Page

SoundCloud on a Facebook page

What’s the best way to add music to a recording artist’s fan page on Facebook that’s elegant, easy to navigate, quick to load, completely free and benefits you more than some third party service? I recently made some changes to the way our own pages display songs, and the simplicity of it is worth sharing.

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Facebook Integration for Wordpress

Facebook Plug-In for WordPress

Facebook Integration for WordPress

Facebook engineer Matt Kelly (and many others) have released an official Facebook Integration plug-in for WordPress. The plug-in claims to make it “simple for anyone to make their WordPress site more social – no coding required” and while that’s not quite true in practice, it does bring a lot of Facebook into your WordPress Dashboard with just one installation.

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Earthlings Are Funny

One asks oneself certain questions in 2012 (even we Irish and part-Irish). But apparently, this was answered long ago. Erin go Bragh!

In 1966, the environmentalists accused the parade committee of polluting the river. They complained that the dye was oil-based and was detrimental to all living things.

Bailey laughed when he heard their argument but agreed to find a new compound that would do the job and appease the critics.

The committee experimented with a number of vegetable dyes and after a bit of trial and error, the current 40 lbs of new dye was hit upon. It produces a carpet of green for four or five hours. The flamboyant Bailey had a field-day with the press when he announced he was changing the Chicago River to the Shannon River for one day.