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Go Climb a Tower

I’m usually ok with heights, as long as I’m attached to something or behind a railing. But this insane video taken by a camera mounted on the hard hat of an antenna tower technician makes my heart race every time I watch it.

I can’t stop watching it!

Lady Gaga for $0.99 Again – “This Time We’re Ready”

Lady Gaga - Born This WayFrom the Amazon newswire this morning:

SEATTLE, May 26, 2011 — today announced it will offer a repeat of Monday’s blockbuster Gold Box Deal of the Day: customers can purchase the Lady Gaga “Born This Way” MP3 album today for $0.99. Upon release, the album immediately shot to number one on Amazon’s bestselling MP3 albums list and has remained in the top spot since.

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In The Dark

I was making my way down my darkened hallway and passed by the front door. I noticed that both porch lights were off, so I flicked the switch a couple of times. Nothing. I went to switch the hall light on to see what was going on, but it stayed dark as well. Looking out the small window in the door, I could see three silhouettes setting up to play roller hockey in the tennis courts across the way, and a light was on in the the corner as they fanned out beneath it. But that light was on. I figured there hadn’t been a blackout. Either way, it was very odd for anyone to be out there in the middle of the night but I was too tired to worry about it right now.

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PayPal is great.

I’m starting to see why some people end up hating PayPal.

Somehow on Monday the 14th, while I finished adding a new email address to our account, I got dumped onto a “complete your Business Account” page with most of the steps completed except a credit card verification. I didn’t remember seeing this before, but it must be important if PayPal is going to toss it at me while doing something else. So I went back to our account, deleted the old expired card, wondered why PayPal hadn’t asked about that before, entered fresh credit card info and filled in some other blanks like our federal EIN number. A couple of days later, a $1.95 charge appeared on that credit card with a 4-digit code which I confirmed on our PayPal account. Done deal. Same as ever. Our account has been working fine since we opened it in 2002 and has always been PayPal “verified.”

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Thinking About

Don’t. This is my recommendation. They were a solid domain reseller years ago when they were connected with OpenSRS/Tucows. At some point, they hooked up with eNom instead, possibly for not responding to customer issues. Luckily for JumpDomain, eNom has a similar level of apathy towards customers. I learned of this as I tried to get the last of my domains transferred elsewhere over the last several months.

All was well until I tried to do a couple of “global edits” to my domains using the control panel on JumpDomain in 2006. It was a simple series of changes to enable Spam Catcher protection on all 12 domains. This hides my real email address so that bots can’t go through registration records, harvesting spam targets. The global edit sat for a few days, then weeks, and finally several months had gone by. My registrant address was still sitting out there. I couldn’t cancel the job or restart it. Worse yet, support tickets went completely unanswered. Uh oh. I had read about other domain registrars going under, and it wasn’t always a safe trip for the domains themselves. Time to leave.

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