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The Thirsty Spider

When I go to bed, I usually have a little water left in a bottle I’ve been working on all evening. So I keep it on the nightstand in case I might want a refresher in the middle of the night or the next morning. I leave the cap off, and have often taken a swig in the dark without looking very closely. That stops today.

The photo here tells the tale. I reached for the bottle this morning and thought something looked odd. The realization happened at just about the same moment my hand touched the bottle. I quickly un-touched the bottle. I did not scream like a little girl. Nope.

After finding and screwing the lid back on, all was right in the world again. Things are funny like that when you first wake up. Now I became the little boy, fascinated by this arachnid I had just captured. I turned the bottle upside-down to dislodge the spider from the top of the bottle, but it quickly righted itself. A couple more turns and I discovered why: The spider had been in there for a while already, and had built a small network of webbing.

What was the final outcome? The spider wanted to be near water. I granted that wish.


So, what the heck is going on in the tech industry where everyone has to begin every sentence with this word? It’s most obvious when they are answering a question or starting a presentation. It makes me wonder if this is a mneme to recall something rehearsed. Are all of these people attending the same memorization seminar? Are they all under mind control?

It doesn’t necessarily stop there. The word “so” is also being used in casual conversation by people who can’t think of anything else to say, but still want to imply meaning from what they did manage to say. I’ll just let you think about this, because I’m going to be annoying here, so…

Update 10 May 2010: So, it appears someone at the New York Times has looked into this important matter. I like how Microsoft employees are trying to take credit, as if this social tic is a good thing.

Stranger Thoughts

If you take a picture of yourself and your camera in a mirror, the camera will always be perfectly level in the image.

If a standard vinyl record has 4 songs on one side and 5 on the other, how many grooves are there? Two. One per side. That groove averages around 500 meters in length on an LP, or one third of a mile.

Instantaneous action-at-a-distance as described by Einstein’s special theory of relativity seems very strange indeed. How can one object affect another with no contact whatsoever? And yet, gravity and magnets do the same.

What is the latency of gravity? Is it instant or speed-of-light?

The early days of the Internet were fun. So many new and large businesses popped up, and eventualy popped right back down just as quickly. In a few cases, their venture capital supported loss-leading sales which helped to build my new DVD library. In others, I simply started to move my shopping habits onto the shiny new web. While many of these retailers died a fiery death, luckily online shopping is alive and well in 2007.

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What’s My Blog Rated?

OnePlusYou Quizzes and WidgetsA web site which gives blogs movie ratings, based on language, gave this blog a G rating.

Wow, I try to be careful not to curse for no reason, because I don’t want any search engines or aggregators to filter me, but that’s still a surprise. I could be a Pixar film. I guess I need to kick it up a notch. Or at least, I could.