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Flow powered by Amazon - Adele 21

Go with the (Amazon) Flow

Flow powered by Amazon and subsidiary-of-search (remember them from your toolbar?) today announced Flow Powered by Amazon. Even their own marketing people don’t want to keep calling it that, so.. Flow is an augmented reality app that scans and recognizes everything from books and DVDs to packaged electronics and toys – and then digs up product information about the items from Amazon’s catalog. Thinly disguised marketing, yes, but also pretty nifty and useful in practice. And it’s free.

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O’Reilly “HTML5: Up and Running”

HTML5 Up and RunningHTML5 is the latest “big deal” in web development, and for good reason. It allows us to build interactive websites without the need for add-ons like Adobe Flash. But it’s also the foundation of a whole new class of deliverables like iOS apps, iTunes LP, iTunes Extras, and iAds. And while those are all Apple-related right now, there’s no reason they can’t be used everywhere once IE9 ships. The downside is that HTML5 is not complete, and it won’t be for a long time. But what most people think of as HTML5 is actually a combination of HTML, CSS and Javascript. Right now. While you can find an endless supply of books for each, none has yet covered the new context of manipulating DOM elements (or even explaining DOM elements), the canvas, local storage and all the other new goodies.

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Review: Logitech Control Center (LCC) for Snow Leopard

USB Overdrive has been a mainstay on my Macs for a long time, from Microsoft’s first laser mouse to my current Logitech multi-button monster. LCC was always pretty terrible, and a previous version didn’t even recognize all the buttons on my MX1000 (on their own mouse!).

But with the recent update for Snow Leopard, USB Overdrive (and Steermouse) does not support all of the buttons on several Logitech models. A fix is promised to come soon, and while I love USB Overdrive, promised features can take years to materialize, if they ever do. Some people are also saying that setup is even more convoluted than before (try adjusting tracking speed on 20 app profiles with 2 pop-up menus each). So in the mean time, I decided to give the free LCC 3.1 a try. I took some screenshots and notes of my USB Overdrive settings then used it’s own uninstaller to remove it completely.

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Honda Civic 2006

Civic Reborn

Honda Civic 2006

The new “whip” has arrived in my driveway. For the past couple of years, I had been eyeing Jettas and Mazda3s. My 9 year old Korean vehicle was starting to cost more in repairs (and downtime) than I preferred, so it was time to go shopping. Luckily, Honda had some aggressive plans up its sleeve, and they were dished up just in time.

They really changed the Civic for 2006. I’m not talking about a couple of body panels and a sprinkle more horsepower. With the introduction of the Honda Fit as the new entry-level car, it’s as if they want to keep the Civic targetted at the same people who bought one years ago. In other words, it also grew up. It has now become a refined, possibly even classy, sedan or sport coupe.

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