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Review: Mackie Onyx 400F

Miracle of miracles, the Mackie Onyx 400F audio interface is finally in stock, as of December 6!

I’ve been using a MOTU Traveler since trying to buy the Mackie for my new studio rig in May of this year. It has been solid with the G5 and Logic 7.1. But I’m still going to try the Mackie because the Traveler has more options than I need, and the Mackie has the potential to sound even better with its Onyx pre-amps and AKM converters.

I’ll update this as I go…

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Surface on NBC

I’m struggling to find something to say. That’s because there weren’t very many glaring moments to annoy me in NBC’s premiere of Surface. Not as many as in Threshold, to be sure.

On a basic level, the story was presented much better. I didn’t feel that “disconnect” I felt while watching Threshold. The only bad acting and dialog were with oceanographer Laura Daughtery’s heavily clichéd assistant and skipper. Laura’s character herself is played by Lake Bell (Boston Legal) and is decently appealing. The only brain dead moment is when she realizes something is rising up out of a giant sea-bed posthole, and she just sits there in her submersible waiting for it to hit her.

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Review: Dell 2405FPW LCD Display

Dell 2405FPW: Tiger screen rotation

The nice thing about a review of this large LCD panel is that I don’t need to say much. I bought it to use as a computer display (see other uses below). I plugged it into the PowerBook via DVI when it first arrived, and it sprung to life at full 1920 x 1200 resolution immediately. I temporarily used it on my 5-year-old G4 with a graphics card which could only manage 1280 x 1024 pixels. The display had options to fully stretch that signal to fill the screen, stretch it proportionally and pillarbox, or simply show it 1:1 with black on all borders. I chose the latter for top quality.

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