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O’Reilly “HTML5: Up and Running”

HTML5 Up and RunningHTML5 is the latest “big deal” in web development, and for good reason. It allows us to build interactive websites without the need for add-ons like Adobe Flash. But it’s also the foundation of a whole new class of deliverables like iOS apps, iTunes LP, iTunes Extras, and iAds. And while those are all Apple-related right now, there’s no reason they can’t be used everywhere once IE9 ships. The downside is that HTML5 is not complete, and it won’t be for a long time. But what most people think of as HTML5 is actually a combination of HTML, CSS and Javascript. Right now. While you can find an endless supply of books for each, none has yet covered the new context of manipulating DOM elements (or even explaining DOM elements), the canvas, local storage and all the other new goodies.

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Rendezvous with Rama

Review: Rendezvous with Rama

Rendezvous with Rama

Arthur C Clarke is my favorite author, and the Rama series is my favorite from him. This universe is his most ambitious, and there is a lot of ‘brain candy’ to absorb.

I loaned the first book (Rendezvous with Rama is the first of 4) to a friend who talked me into reading Tolkein and Chung Kuo, and he bought the rest himself. He loved it.

Even better, Morgan Freeman has the movie rights to the books and has brought in David Fincher to direct it properly. While this is great news, do yourself a favor: read the books before you see the movie.


There’s no way they’ll be able to cover all the details. I can only hope mainstream audiences will appreciate it.