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Review: Dell 2405FPW LCD Display

Dell 2405FPW: Tiger screen rotation

The nice thing about a review of this large LCD panel is that I don’t need to say much. I bought it to use as a computer display (see other uses below). I plugged it into the PowerBook via DVI when it first arrived, and it sprung to life at full 1920 x 1200 resolution immediately. I temporarily used it on my 5-year-old G4 with a graphics card which could only manage 1280 x 1024 pixels. The display had options to fully stretch that signal to fill the screen, stretch it proportionally and pillarbox, or simply show it 1:1 with black on all borders. I chose the latter for top quality.

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Dell 2405FPW

24 Inches of Glory

Dell 2405FPWMy 2405FPW 24″ LCD display arrived this afternoon!

It looks fantastic in initial tests running DVI @ 1920 x 1200 from my PowerBook (not its final home). No dead pixels, no stuck pixels, very bright. Gamma and overall color temperature are pretty good at native settings. Grays are slightly red, but I’ll calibrate it later. This is for the new studio G5, but I would be perfectly comfortable doing graphic design with it.

I’m even more pleased with the deal. Dell’s MSRP on this monster is $1199, which is already good. The nearest comparable display is over $1600. But if you have a little patience, wait for one of their sales or stackable coupons. I nabbed this puppy for $810, with free overnight shipping.

As a proper Mac user, I might look for a way to obfuscate the ugly Dell logo at the bottom of the bezel. But the screen is so big, and the bezel is so thin, that it’s barely noticeable at all.

By the way, you have a dirty mind.