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Honda Civic 2006

Civic Reborn

Honda Civic 2006

The new “whip” has arrived in my driveway. For the past couple of years, I had been eyeing Jettas and Mazda3s. My 9 year old Korean vehicle was starting to cost more in repairs (and downtime) than I preferred, so it was time to go shopping. Luckily, Honda had some aggressive plans up its sleeve, and they were dished up just in time.

They really changed the Civic for 2006. I’m not talking about a couple of body panels and a sprinkle more horsepower. With the introduction of the Honda Fit as the new entry-level car, it’s as if they want to keep the Civic targetted at the same people who bought one years ago. In other words, it also grew up. It has now become a refined, possibly even classy, sedan or sport coupe.

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