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Review: Logitech Control Center (LCC) for Snow Leopard

USB Overdrive has been a mainstay on my Macs for a long time, from Microsoft’s first laser mouse to my current Logitech multi-button monster. LCC was always pretty terrible, and a previous version didn’t even recognize all the buttons on my MX1000 (on their own mouse!).

But with the recent update for Snow Leopard, USB Overdrive (and Steermouse) does not support all of the buttons on several Logitech models. A fix is promised to come soon, and while I love USB Overdrive, promised features can take years to materialize, if they ever do. Some people are also saying that setup is even more convoluted than before (try adjusting tracking speed on 20 app profiles with 2 pop-up menus each). So in the mean time, I decided to give the free LCC 3.1 a try. I took some screenshots and notes of my USB Overdrive settings then used it’s own uninstaller to remove it completely.

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