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Surface on NBC

I’m struggling to find something to say. That’s because there weren’t very many glaring moments to annoy me in NBC’s premiere of Surface. Not as many as in Threshold, to be sure.

On a basic level, the story was presented much better. I didn’t feel that “disconnect” I felt while watching Threshold. The only bad acting and dialog were with oceanographer Laura Daughtery’s heavily clichéd assistant and skipper. Laura’s character herself is played by Lake Bell (Boston Legal) and is decently appealing. The only brain dead moment is when she realizes something is rising up out of a giant sea-bed posthole, and she just sits there in her submersible waiting for it to hit her.

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The Year of 360

Don’t look now, but 360 is the official buzzword of 2005. It’s vaguely nauseating when this sort of “boardroom synergy” happens at multiple corporations.

I blame Anderson Cooper and his news program on CNN for starting it last year, even though I’ve been a fan since he was the nervous gray-haired punk on ABC’s middle-of-the-night World News Now. Hey look, it’s news for musicians! He and Mark Mullen used to crack me up.

So far, we have these major players showing their addiction to marketing consultants:
Yahoo! 360° social network
Xbox 360 game console
Live 360 concert promotions

I’m sure there are more, but I’m sleepy.

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I’m On TV Again

Sorta. I just received my quarterly BMI report, and it’s always fun to see old works popping up on television shows. It would be nice to know before-hand, so I could actually watch the damn shows, but such is life. Among the new..

BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL (CBS) – Apparently they used one of my old techno/house tracks on July 28, 2004. Nice! I’ll probably never see it, but nice anyway.

JUST A KISS (MOVIE CHANNEL/SHOWTIME) – Used “A Little Bit Of Ecstasy.” I don’t even know what this show or movie is. Time for Google.. “A fateful kiss between a dancer (Marley Shelton) and a director of TV commercials (Ron Eldard) sets off a series of sexual and emotional misunderstandings among a group of young New Yorkers, who are each faced with the classic quandary: ‘To cheat or not to cheat?’ Veteran actor Fisher Stevens directs this Kafkaesque romantic comedy penned by Patrick Breen, (who also appears on-screen in a supporting role) with a cast that includes Kyra Sedgwick, Marisa Tomei and Zoe Caldwell, as well as artful and sensual scenes of rotoscoped animation.” Rated R, Nudity, Mild Violence, Adult Language, Adult Content. Holy shit, Marisa Tomei. Marisa Tomei! Supertopnice! I must buy this.

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